Integrated solutions for every aspect of the special advertising industry
Accurate work, affordable rates, quick turn-around

Pronto exists to provide support to advertorial and special advertising companies and is managed by people who have first-hand knowledge of the work you are doing, as well as your clients’ expectations. After working in the industry ourselves for a number of years, we saw the opportunities in providing an integrated set of services to absorb any spikes or overflows in your workload.

Pronto Publishing Services was established as a company in 2012, although the organisation has its roots in a language centre that was established in Istanbul in 2008. When we first started receiving requests for transcribing, translating and proofreading work we would outsource them to our teachers, who were resourceful enough to produce quality copy to our new publishing clients. Within a couple of years this side of the business had outgrown the language school and took on a life of its own, complete with its own employees, structure and corporate identity.

We hope and expect to continue to expand our areas of expertise, while constantly seeking to improve quality, turnaround time and accuracy. With our support anybody could, in theory, set up a publishing company with minimal effort and expense by outsourcing whatever work they want to us, while your teams can concentrate on the more challenging aspects of their fieldwork.


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