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Special advertising companies face a particular challenge in recruiting the right personnel, particularly for field positions. In response to this, we have been finding resourceful individuals from around the world and directing them to a number of our customers since 2011. 

New recruits’ personalities and areas of expertise are very important to different companies for different reasons, and recruitment is one of the more personal areas in which we operate. As such, before we get to work on trying to find you the right staff, we will ask for a detailed list of the characteristics and qualities that you are looking for. We aim to recreate and follow your own recruitment procedures as far as we can, before referring recruits to your HR department for further briefing and interviews.

Payment for these services is generally done in installments as a successful recruit progresses. Typically there would be one installment paid when an applicant is accepted as a trainee, a second when he or she completes the traineeship and is sent on his or her own project, and a third when a first project is completed. Again, we are able to accommodate your own procedures and processes with regard to this, so feel free to let us know how you like to manage your own recruitment bonuses.

To date we have successfully recruited people for the following positions:

Sales Coordinators





Interpreters (on a project-by-project basis)

Secretaries (on a project-by-project basis)


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