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The unique challenge of transcribing and translating a recording at the same time is one that is given to our many bilingual transcribers. As always, the copy is proofed and edited by a native speaker before being returned to you.

The work typically involves listening to an interview being conducted in a non-English language, while writing out an English translation of what is being said at the same time, thereby saving the time and expense of conducting the transcription and a separate translation.

To date we have translated/transcribed into English from a range of languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Kazakh, German, Farsi, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian. Many other languages can also be done upon request.

The same procedures and quality standards that apply to our English-to-English transcripts also apply to non-English-to-English transcripts. These jobs are charged at double the rate of English-to-English recordings and prices also depend on the length of the recordings, the presence of multiple speakers, the quality of the audio and the turn-around time that you ask for.

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